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S o u t h   S e a  P e a r l s

​The Royal Glamour


Pearls are often described as being glamorous due to their iridescent sheen and elegant appearance.

South Sea pearls are pearls that are produced by certain types of oysters found in the warm waters of the South Pacific Ocean, including the coasts of Australia, Indonesia, and the Philippines.

These pearls are known for their large size, creamy white or golden color, and high luster. They are considered to be among the most valuable and rare types of pearls in the world, a single South Sea Pearl can be more valuable than a diamond.
Pearls for many centuries have been a symbol of sophistication, refinement and good taste.
Respected and very admired for it exuberance is considerate the Queen of all gemstones.

C O L O U R   C H A R T

Grossi Jewelry Pearl Chart
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